April 11 poem

An Ode to CoffeeOh, dear coffee.Sweet nectar of life.The single scent of youBrings my feet to the groundEach morning.Your warm, full aroma waftsFrom room to room,Following me in an invisible streamAs I carry my half full cup throughoutThe house.A single sip can sustain meThrough morning routines Another stolen sipGives me the strength to change theSquirmy babe.While [...]

April 10 poem

The days are longBut the years are shortLet them be littleEnjoy themIt goes by so fastYou're going to miss this.Strangers share these bits of wisdomAlong crowded sidewalksAnd in narrow grocery aislesI smile and nodFor I know it's true:They're small for only so long.So I don't mind muchWhen little limbs are tangledIn my sheets, Pulling covers or [...]

National poetry month: 6

The Magic of BooksEach story, each bookIs like a dear friend With pages upon pages Of adventure and discovery Of learning and falling a little Bit in loveWith characters and storiesYou'll savor and remember.Line after lineThe images take formWith surprises and mysteries galore.We watch our new friendsToil and fallPowerless to helpBut shouting in our heads.The last page of aGreat [...]

Be the Good

There is so much darknessIn the world todayIt almost seemsAs though the sun has moved away.Death and tragedy Cruelty and fearWhat kind of worldWill my children know?Kindness and compassionLove and caringWatching out for thoseWho may need a hand upThese are the lessons we try to teachTo help brighten the worldA little bit at a time.Improving a [...]

Memory Scents

Memory ScentsCigarette smoke and sweet perfumeA dab of hairspray and a slash of lipstickFancy powder and a dash of vanillaSimple smells alone can be pungentBut together they formed a soft cloudClinging to soft sweaters,Paired with bold jewelry.From when I was small untilShe was no longer as tall,This combination of scents offered comfortWhether sniffled in during [...]