National Poetry Month

Since April is National Poetry month, I’ve decided to post a new original poem here each day.  Feel free to share your own creations in the comments. Happy poetry month!

Today’s poem is a tad mushy, as I’ve suddenly realized how brief childhood is. So excuse my dip into the sappy side of motherhood. I promise there will be a Disney poem this month 🙂
Moments and Memories
There are days I wish I could film every moment,
Each laugh, spin, pretend, and comment.
But how would I watch all these hours of magic?
Of laughter, and learning, and growing and challenges?
Each day you’re a little different,
Bigger and smarter,
A little more you and who you will be,
In the days far ahead when you’re no longer beside me.
So often these days,
You’re my second shadow,
Always trailing behind,
Or peeking around,
A little mop of hair and bright green eyes,
Always watching, with a secret smile that’s never a surprise.
Yet even as you grow closer to walking into your own life,
A little tug,
A request for a hug,
And once again you’re a wee babe in my arms,
Not this young man, already full of charms.
I love you more and more each moment, at the end of each night.
The tears and the tantrums, I can’t say I’ll miss.
But the snuggles, cuddles, and each random kiss,
I’ll cherish each one;
For those I’ll always miss.


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