April 10 poem

The days are long
But the years are short
Let them be little
Enjoy them
It goes by so fast
You’re going to miss this.
Strangers share these bits of wisdom
Along crowded sidewalks
And in narrow grocery aisles
I smile and nod
For I know it’s true:
They’re small for only so long.
So I don’t mind much
When little limbs are tangled
In my sheets, 
Pulling covers or kicking knees.
When a boo-boo needs a quick kiss
I’ll happily oblige
I never know when they’ll no longer
Need so much of me so often.
But I love these snuggles,
Wet kisses and gleeful smiles.
One day far away,
I may see a young mom
With her hands quite full,
With littles running around her.
I may surprise myself,
Smile and say,
The days are long,
But the years are short.

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