Do The Robot

Last week, I was super excited when the ticket window at AMC handed me a voucher for a free ticket. Using my moviewatcher card, I had somehow earned or randomly been chosen for this wonderful gift. Of course, I couldn't use it on the movie I was seeing that day. And it expires in a [...]


C VS The Furniture- C is the Winner!

I battled the furniture...and I won.We have limited space and limited means to organize that space and make it as wonderful as possible. I wrote earlier about my endeavor to re-arrange the furniture in our house in order to improve it for both us and our guests. And I succeeded! The chair is in the [...]

Post Wedding Thoughts on the Post Wedding Blues

The Post-Wedding Blues- sadness that your wedding is over, you miss planning, all the attention, blah blah blah.Did I feel the post-wedding blues? Not immediately. Planning my wedding was not what I thought it would be. Before he dropped down to one knee on that cruise ship balcony (sounds romantic right? Now add a Bruce [...]

Welcome and Design Conundrum

I couldn't decide on any one thing to write about, so Paw Prints in the Sink will be a compilation of just about anything and everything. You can expect book reviews, poetry, random thoughts, great recipes, adventures in married life, decorating dilemmas, dog-family stories and probably loads more. So to get us started....Decorating!I'm not sure [...]