National poetry month: The Disney Way

It’s easy to be dark,

In a world so often stormy.
It takes courage to see the light,
To sing your way to brightness.
Walt took a leap,
From the silence of black and white 
To the crashing orchestra of color.
It led generations through times of turmoil,
From a fatal apple to a poisoned spindle,
He taught us how to overcome death:
With love, faith, and trust.
From a fiery mermaid to a gentle beast,
The stories they spun taught us well:
Believe in yourself,
Be kind,
Stand up for what is right,
Put no stock in stereotypes,
Age doesn’t equal wisdom,
Never give up your voice,
Fight for what you believe in,
Have faith in your dreams,
Be the one to light the way,
And lead others along, the Disney way.

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