The Deeper Meaning Behind Moana

So, obviously I'm obsessed with Moana. I saw it last November, and I can't stop listening to the soundtrack and thinking about it. Months later, y'all, and I'm still there. It's that good! There are two parts I want to dissect today, so if you haven't seen it yet, bookmark this post and come back later! [...]


Knoxville Moms Blog

Hey, y'all!I'm now also writing over at the Knoxville Moms Blog. It's a great group of talented writers, and I'm really excited to be a part of it! Here's a snippet of my first post over there. Feel free to follow the link and read the whole article!Many a New Year’s resolution is centered around fitness. If [...]

Saying Goodbye to ‘Girl Meets World’

If you haven't heard the sad news, Disney has cancelled beloved (to me) series Girl Meets World after three seasons.I'll pause here while you get the tissues and have yourself a good cry.I was really disappointed to hear about the demise of the show not only because I love it, but also because I feel like [...]

Upcycling 101: A Simple Canister

I really dislike waste. I don't like wasting food, or supplies, or even containers that food comes in. I try and repurpose things, because you're constantly hearing about how overflowing the landfills are and giant trash islands in the ocean and birds dying, and that's just not good. So I try and do my part [...]