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Welcome to Paw Prints in the Sink! I began this blog in 2010, and the name is a bit on the wild side. The name is a combination of the ‘paw prints on my heart’ and ‘everything but the kitchen sink’; I wanted to share about our love for our pets and the adventures we took them on, while also sharing about other aspects of my life: Disney, baking, books, and living an adventurous life.

Ten years, many moves, heartbreaking pet losses and the joy of meeting new family members (of both the human and fur variety), we’ve continued our adventures and I’ve continued documenting them here. I never could settle on a niche topic, so there is a bit of everything around here. You’ll find book reviews alongside Disney diatribes next to parenting resources pushed up against pet adventures and alongside travel tips. Paw Prints in the Sink may have started as a mishmash name, but it’s come to mean loving the chaos that comes with finding paw prints in your sink to match the ones on your heart.

So who am I? I’m a freelance writer and blogger aiming to bring you worthwhile information and quality content. I’m your primary blogger here, the host, the Disney nerd, the bibliophile, the pet mom and the mom mom. I’m a mid-thirties mama bear living in East Tennessee with my spouse and our two kiddos, a dog, two cats, and a fish (I’d be in a heap of trouble if I left out the fish!). I’m thrilled to continue sharing what books I’m obsessed with, what movies are making me cry (thanks, Pixar), and where the best hiking trails for families are.

So whether you’re binge watching Disney+ or planning your next Dollywood vacation and trying to choose which books to bring, I hope you find what you’re looking for. And I hope you find adventure along the way.

Anakeesta for every season

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