Un-Happily Ever After: Melody Time

Ah, Christmas. The past four Christmases weren’t white and were way too warm. But this year is different. This Christmas is our first Alaskan Christmas. And it will definitely be white.            My love for Disney permeates every area of my life-- including my Christmas decorations. I’ve got my Mickey and Minnie cookie jar, my Mickey [...]


Mickey’s Back! Fun and Fancy Free; The Multiverse Debate of 2011

      Heretofore (I love using that word, as it makes me sound like a super smarty pants. As opposed to someone who uses phrases like ‘super smarty pants’) I haven’t really been able to share my Mickey love, because he’s only made on other (much too brief) appearance (in Fantasia). But I’ll say [...]

What’s in a name? Everything. Absolutely everything.

Disclaimer: With the combination of not having a Disney movie for over a week and discovering a new, even snarkier blog (thebloggess.com. Go there. But finish reading this first, it will help my self-esteem), I myself am feeling quite snarky. You've been warned.I've decided that if you name your child Stewart, he will be super [...]