Nala’s Paw-Stand

Okay, so this is another non-Disney related post. I'm going for diversity? Okay, fine. Nala just did something adorable and I want to talk about it because it made me giggle.Because we moved our furry family from Florida to Alaska, and only one of them has a nice thick coat (Charlie the collie), we got [...]


Space Pirates: Treasure Planet

   I was really prepared to dislike Treasure Planet. For one, a movie critic (I know, I know, never listen to movie critics) said they would forgive the directors of Treasure Planet due to some spectacular film they made after that apparently made up for it. Plus, it’s a pirate story set in space. Which [...]

Til the Cows Come Home: Home on the Range

           Do you remember when your mom said that age-old phrase, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”? Well, if I listened to my mom right now, this chapter would be very, very short. In any case, I’ll try by starting with the better. But prepare yourself.            [...]

A Case of DW (PETA and the Whale, Cruising Craigslist)

Oh, Netflix. Why must you hate me? Because of Netflix once again messing up my (re)Discovering Disney Project order, I've gone FIVE whole days without watching a Disney movie.I know. It's official. I've got DW, and it's bad. What's DW, you ask? Oh, thankfully for you, you've never had it. DW is Disney Withdrawals. The [...]