Memory Scents

Memory ScentsCigarette smoke and sweet perfumeA dab of hairspray and a slash of lipstickFancy powder and a dash of vanillaSimple smells alone can be pungentBut together they formed a soft cloudClinging to soft sweaters,Paired with bold jewelry.From when I was small untilShe was no longer as tall,This combination of scents offered comfortWhether sniffled in during [...]


The Big Cut

I like to think of myself, generally, as a generous person. I love volunteering and helping others, whether it be big or small. Since my son was born, my generous spirit has been more restricted. I can't donate my time as easily, because I must always have at least one eye on that mischievous 15-month old [...]

A change of plans

Recently, my husband and I took our 5 month old to Oklahoma to meet his great-grandmothers, aunt, uncle, and a myriad of other family members. I was super nervous about flying with him, but he's a rock star and is the poster baby for flying with babies, if that poster shows smiles, sleeping and crazy [...]