Dog or baby?

Dog or Baby?Though having dogs and children are vastly different experiences, I've often come across some similarities. In order to have a little fun, take this little quiz and try to determine which member of my family caused these problems: dog or baby? No eating shoes!BabyDogLeave the trash can alone!BabyDogDon't eat toilet paper!BabyDogOut of the [...]


Adventures in coffee making

Two years ago for Christmas, my husband bought be a beautiful, red coffeemaker. There were many reasons I loved it, including the red color that matches my pop-of-red themed kitchen. Since Baby A has arrived, and my sleep schedule has severely suffered due to his 'sleep is for the weak' mindset, and my coffee intake [...]

The anti-princess movement

Recently I saw this: makes me sad. Why must we, as adults, push anything on little girls? It's okay to pretend you're a Princess. It's okay to play with race cars, climb trees, read books, idolize historic figures, and look up to Disney princesses. Before you shove a 'we as a society' rant down my throat, [...]

Book Reviews

Nothing like crisp air, warm apple cider and a roaring fire to make you want to curl up with a good book. Okay, every season makes me want to read. It's part of being a book addict; I'm constantly wanting to read. Unless, of course, I'm actually reading at the time. Hmm, no, wait. I [...]

The Spell Block Tango, Remixed

Recently I saw a video making it's way around the internets of Disney villains singing a Disney-fied version of Chicago's Cell Block Tango.Um, yes please! I eagerly watched it and was thoroughly impressed by the singing, the costumes, make-up and overall production quality. The only thing I found to be lacking was the lyrics. Cruella [...]