Dear Netflix, About Those Book to Film Adaptations…

No need to fear, there are no spoilers here!Dear Netflix,We've been together for a long time now. I know; I've put you on hold here and there throughout the years. But you've always been there for me, and for that, I'll always be grateful.Now, about these book to film adaptions you've been doing lately...Please don't [...]


Dollywood’s Splash Country’s Trailhead Tacos Review

One of my favorite memes says, "If you could be thin forever or have as many tacos as you want, would you choose hard or soft tacos?"I love this because dang, hard or soft tacos is a tough choice.So when I learned Dollywood's Splash Country was adding a new restaurant, and that restaurant was a [...]

Fall Getaways the Dollywood Way

Fall at Dollywood may just be my favorite season. Autumn has always been pretty high up on my list of favorite seasons, with pumpkins and Halloween and, of course, lots of birthdays in my family!We may still be in the throes of a hot and humid summer, which is all the more reason to book [...]