The Sky is Falling

It is Halloween 2011 and today I awoke to a winter wonderland. Snow was flying around outside, there was a thin layer of white on the ground and the evergreens looked as though they’d been dusted with powdered sugar. Nonetheless, this beautiful landscape seemed strangely out of place, what with it being October and all. [...]

Run, Bambi, Run

Ah, Bambi.The movie that started this whole project. I was super excited to watch this, since it looks beautiful and I’m tired of being berated for having never seen it (why yes, I am talking about my husband, however did you know?). I had high expectations for Bambi, which is both a classic and iconic. [...]

Fly Away, Dumbo

Netflix has been in the news a lot recently for severely angering their customers. I was irritated when they hiked their prices, I was disappointed when they planned to split the streaming and DVD websites into two. But now, I’m just plain mad.            I was very excited to stop by the post office and get [...]


I love a good dog story. Surprisingly, I didn’t see Bolt in theatres. Then James and I got it on Netflix—and wow, was I silly for not seeing it in theatres. I hope it came out during finals week or something—I can’t think of any other excuse why I wouldn’t see the latest Disney animated [...]


I’d rather not put my foot in my mouth (again) by recounting my disappointment with Pinocchio as a child. I only watched it once and I only remember the bit with the whale (and the nose growing, of course). So I’m going into it with an open mind and am looking forward to the bonus [...]