Best Day Ever: Lion King Edition

*Sigh*Last night was a dream come true. And it was better than I ever could have imagined. I felt like Rapunzel in Tangled (why yes, I am citing a Disney movie in a post about a Disney movie); before living her dream, she has a fear that it will either not live up to her high expectations [...]


The Alaska Experience

In mid-August, we had our first visitors come to see us in Alaska. My in-laws traveled from Florida and we had 9 days of jam-packed Alaska adventures. This means that this post will be insanely long. I recommend fixing a snack and settling into your seat...because this will take awhile.Day 1: Settling in     Their [...]

(Re) Discovering Disney

I don't think it's a secret around here how much I love Disney. Disney channel, Disney movies, Disney store, Walt Disney himself, Disney World. I'm Disney-centric. Since moving to Alaska, we have yet to re-activate our DirecTV. This has less to do with DTV and more to do with our not wanting to deal with [...]