Jungle Acrobatics: Tarzan

Tarzan is a unique Disney film. It has a lot of firsts for Disney animation, mostly concerning death. It was the last big hit of the 90’s, before the slump of the early 2000’s (ahem, Home on the Range). The amount of symbolism and allusion alone makes it stand above other Disney films. The animators [...]


The Real Peter Pan

          Growing up, I loved the story of Peter Pan but often got distracted while watching the Disney version. Then 2004’s Finding Neverland and 2003’s live-action Peter Pan cemented the Peter Pan love. Now I’ve watched the Disney version again, but feel a little put off by it.            For starters, the [...]

Round Two: Fantasia 2000

I much prefer to watch movies twice before I write about them. I get attached to characters much too quickly to not know their fate. The first time I watched Fantasia 2000, I was worried about the little baby whale in “Pines of Rome”. I didn’t like that he got separated from his family. The [...]

The Real Alice: Alice in Wonderland

About two months ago, I ruined all Alice stories for me forever. I read this magnificently written book, Alice I Have Been, by Melanie Benjamin. Why would reading this book forever ruin all Alice in Wonderland type stories? Because the book, while fictional, is based on letters and first-hand accounts of the relationship between Mr. [...]

Pollyanna Goes Prehistoric:Dinosaur

I had a heck of a time getting my hands on this movie. First, Netflix sent the wrong movie for two weeks. Then I got super mad at them, and went to their competitor—Blockbuster. But Blockbuster also failed me. So I did what I had been avoiding—I called Netflix. Why had I been avoiding calling? [...]

Netflix ruined my life…again

UPDATE: I take it back. Netflix once again has my heart. See the post Pollyanna Goes Jurassic for details.Dear Netflix, I would have written my angry letter privately, on your website, where only your customer service representatives would see it and find some way to resolve the situation and appease my anger. Unluckily for you, there [...]

Wishing and Believing: Cinderella

          After the package films of the 40’s and the war years, the Disney studio was in debt. The last film to actually make a profit—and not just recoup costs—was Snow White, released a full 13 years before Cinderella. The entire future of the feature animation studio was riding on this [...]