Who is the Best Disney Prince?

Kristoff. Obviously.

What, that isn’t enough? Here are my reasons:

  • Pet reindeer.

What, still not enough?! Here’s the real goods:

  • Pet reindeer (it’s worth mentioning twice! Animals are excellent judges of character. Plus it’s clear he can take care of someone. He isn’t self-centered like some other males we know (ahem Hans)).
  • He’s honest- to a fault. Remember when he told Anna she was crazy for marrying someone she just met?
  • He loved her enough to let her go (until she was in danger, as he then clearly needed to intervene).
  • He has a career.
  • He asked if he could kiss her!
  • He loves Elsa and knows she and Anna are a package deal.
  • He rocks family game night.
  • He’s self-analytical (Lost in the Woods)
  • He sets healthy boundaries (telling Elsa- the QUEEN with magical powers no less and his beloved’s sister) that he isn’t comfortable with her borrowing his sled and Sven.
  • “I’m here; what do you need?” End. Quote.
  • “My love isn’t fragile.” End. Quote.

There you have it. Kristoff is the superior love interest in the Disney universe.

Now, my seven year old challenged me by saying Kristoff isn’t really a prince. I explained how title inheritance works, but he claims Kristoff would be King. I’m not so sure; he may be given a lesser title as to cement Anna’s authority. Regardless, I think he’s an honorary prince either way.

Who do you think is the best Disney prince?


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