RabbitGoo Window Cling/Film Installation and Review

This looks like something that would be a sponsored post, but it isn’t. i just found something fun and wanted to share it with y’all. If a post is ever sponsored, I’ll let you know right away up here at the very top!

I recently saw an ad on social media promoting a window cling full of prisms that makes tiny rainbows when the sun shines through the window. It also adds a bit of privacy. It just so happens that my little one is rainbow obsessed, I have a lifelong love of prisms due to watching Pollyanna a bunch as a child, and we have a bathroom window that could sue a little extra privacy.

Rabbitgoo Window Cling/Film Application

Being the researchy dork that I am, I Googled and read reviews and visited loads of product websites to make sure it was a legit item. Then I ordered the RabbitGoo window film from Amazon. (They call it a film, but it works like a window cling). The instructions are rolled deep inside the roll, so I watched their installation video instead. I used soapy water for the first window I applied it to, and only water for the second window. The only water application went a lot smoother (I may have misunderstood the video directions, as I am constantly interrupted by these tiny dictators that live in my house). I purchased a roll that is approximately 17.5″ by 78.7″ for around $17. Considering it adds privacy (and rainbows!) and is supposed to limit UV rays, I think I can consider it beneficial to the house!

Here’s what I did:

  • Clean the window really well.
  • Measure the window.
  • Using an exacto knife and straight edge, cut the window cling to the size of the window.
  • Spray water on the window.
  • Remove backing from cling. Spray water on the cling.
  • Apply cling to window. Line up top corners and use a straight edge (for me, the same one I used to make a straight cut) to gently move downwards, squeegee like, removing air bubbles.
  • Use the straight edge and exacto knife to trim any extra cling outside the glass. They recommend you add a bit to be safe, but we live dangerously so I only accidentally had extra to trim off.
  • Voila! No mess, no stick, just a gorgeous window and a bit of privacy.

Naturally, I attempted to apply the window cling during a break in the interminable rain we’ve been having. Alas, the clouds returned before my application was complete. We haven’t had our room filled with rainbows yet, but we look forward to it! And we appreciate the privacy and the prism effect on their own. And if we need to move the cling, it peels right off without leaving a sticky residue (or at least that’s what the ad and reviews say. We’ve just put it up, so naturally I don’t know what pulling it off is like!)

Rabbitgoo Window Cling/Film Application
The top half of the window is the same, while the bottom half has the prism cling. I love the added privacy and the prism effect!

The kids were super excited at the prospect of rainbows and are already enjoying the prism effect. Now we have even more reason to look forward to the sunshine! I’ll update with photos as the sun returns.

Have you ever found a new, fun product from social media ads? Maybe next I’ll try that temporary hair color I keep seeing pop up…


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