Book Review: The Alice Network

Every now and then an exceptionally special book comes along, and it sweeps me off my feet in a whirlwind of perfectly described settings, enchanting dialogue, and a plot that keeps me on my toes.

The Alice Network is a gorgeous treat of a novel, filled with historical accuracy and the well developed characters to pull it off. It has just the right balance of gravity and entertainment, with dual timelines and vividly realistic characters. Each timeline is equally riveting, a difficult feat in any dual timeline novel. But be prepared: like any good dual narrative novel, author Kate Quinn often leaves a chapter on a cliffhanger before switching points of view. This tactic combined with the absorbing story make this novel hard to put down!

I absolutely loved this novel, and it taught me quite a bit about WWI that I didn’t know as well as introducing new (and horrifically true) details about certain moments in WWII. I highly recommended it!

Fair warning- you might just dream about being a spy and also wish you could befriend these fictional characters!

What’s your favorite historical fiction novel?


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