Organize Your Life with Baby Wipes Containers

If you buy baby wipes, you undoubtedly end up with a dozen reusable wipes containers haphazardly stacked and frequently knocked over by mischievous little hands. They seem like they’d be super useful, but you only keep wipes in so many places. So what purpose can you give these wipes containers? Here are a few ideas to clear the clutter and simplify your life with stuff you already have.

  1. Backup Clothes: Although my kids are 2 and 4, occasionally leaks, spills, and accidents happen. I like to be prepared, but I hate clutter in the car.

  2. Art supplies: So many supplies. Glue, markers, crayons, special paper only markers, stickers, construction paper, special paper booklets. Wrangle that chaos with wipes containers. Organize the supplies by type, slap a cute label on it, and voila- less mess! When your kid wants to color/paint/etc, just grab the needed box and leave the rest behind.

  3. Blessing Box: Sometimes a mama needs some uplifting. Especially early days with a newborn can be isolating and exhausting. When I have an expecting friend, or a drive to donate to moms in need, I make a blessing box. I put in a letter full of kind words, and then strips of paper with Bible verses, jokes, funny parenting truths, and just encouragement on them. When a mom is feeling down, she can go to the box, pull out a slip of paper, and feel encouraged. This could work for kids with reading abilities too!
  4. Snack Wrangler: My bag used to be a sea of dead goldfish and headless animal crackers. Not anymore! I keep all of their snack cups in a wipes container. It keeps all the snacks in one place, so they’re easy to find, and it contains the mess without adding to the weight of my bag.

  5. Travel Medicine Case: We recently went on a 12-hour each way road trip. With changing temperatures and climates, I didn’t know if we would have any allergies or small illnesses. So I packed a variety of medicines, from allergy medicine to cold medicine to daily medicines to vitamins, and arranged it all in a wipes container. I put it on top in the suitcase, so I could easily get to it at any point. It made last minute stopping for the night more convenient, and my kids were totally uninterested in it because it looks like a wipes container. I could stash it out of their reach, and they didn’t try to climb to get to it.

What’s your favorite use for reusable wipes containers?


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