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Hey, y’all!

I’m now also writing over at the Knoxville Moms Blog. It’s a great group of talented writers, and I’m really excited to be a part of it! Here’s a snippet of my first post over there. Feel free to follow the link and read the whole article!

Many a New Year’s resolution is centered around fitness. If you have any doubt, just look at any store ad during the month of January: all workout related gear is on sale. There are a lot of great forms of exercise out there, but if you’re looking for something adventurous, look to the big top. That’s right- think circus! I first learned circus skills 13 years ago, and I’m still obsessed. Some skills you can learn on your own, while others you’ll need special instruction and equipment.

Circus arts provide a variety of skills while working your whole body. For busy moms, a single activity that encourages flexibility, strength, and endurance while also building muscle and ramping up your heart rate almost seems too good to be true. You have to be daring to try it, but circus really does provide a fun and worthwhile workout. 

Go here to read the whole article. I’ll meet you there!

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