Upcycling 101: A Simple Canister

I really dislike waste. I don’t like wasting food, or supplies, or even containers that food comes in. I try and repurpose things, because you’re constantly hearing about how overflowing the landfills are and giant trash islands in the ocean and birds dying, and that’s just not good. So I try and do my part without being a total hippie, and I also like saving money. 
I recently finished off a giant canister of bread crumbs from Costco, and it seemed like such a waste to throw away the container. So I removed the label, rinsed it out, and set to brainstorming.
Remember that fabulous coffee bar I made from an old dresser? I had some leftover adhesive shelf liner, and silver spray paint. So I set to work.
My beginning materials.

I measured the shelf liner and applied it. Then I used an exacto razor knife to cut off any overlap.

Then I spray painted the clear plastic lid in metallic silver.
I waited a few days for it to dry, and voila! Here’s the finished product!

It was pretty easy, and that’s coming from someone who is generally pretty challenged when it comes to crafting. I considered drilling a hole and putting a little glass knob on the top, but its a suction-y lid, so it wouldn’t come off with a knob anyway. This is nice, simple, and pretty fun. I like immediate results! Now I can use it to store flour, or hide candy, or a million other little things.
What have you upcycled or repurposed? 

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