Saying Goodbye to ‘Girl Meets World’

If you haven’t heard the sad news, Disney has cancelled beloved (to me) series Girl Meets World after three seasons.

I’ll pause here while you get the tissues and have yourself a good cry.

I was really disappointed to hear about the demise of the show not only because I love it, but also because I feel like they’re tackling serious issues that teens care about in a realistic way. From Riley being bullied to having to accept that not everyone will like her, the characters deal with real world problems. They do it well, too. They don’t always do the right thing first, and not every episode is realistic, but the characters themselves are. As Farkle proved, people change. Being bullied also changes people. People come together and grow apart. People move. Impossibly sad things happen.

I’m also selfishly motivated, because I want to see these characters grow more. I want to find out if Riley and Lucas are like Cory and Topanga, and if Farkle and Smackle will make it. I want to know if Maya and Josh get together. I want to know if Maya finds joy in learning besides in art class, and if Zay ever gets his revenge on Riley for the cookie incident. I’d like to continue to watch Cory and Topanga as parents and business owners. I want to see one family continue to make the world a little bit better every day.

If the show doesn’t somehow get saved, and fingers crossed the internet will bring it back to life beyond the final two episodes (airing January 13 and 20). I know I’ll be watching.

To the writers: thank you for continuing the wonderful world you first created in Boy Meets World. We loved every minute.


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