Snap Out of It Book Review

Billie Slate and her BFF Kat are sick of wallowing. Other people wallowing, that is. That is how Snap Out of It is born, in a fit of drunken laughter late one night, and shifts the course of Billie’s life. Part performance art, part minor therapy, part magic, Snap Out of It centers on the Heartbreak Bunny coming to the homes of the heartbroken and removing all the items that are keeping them stuck in the dumped dumps– photos, a garlic press, a python print bra, anything could really be the culprit. The Heartbreak Bunny removes the items while hopping around and helps the wallowing move on by snapping them out of it. But Billie’s skills are put to the test when her business goes viral, her first ex-husband incessantly texts her, and her own daughter’s relationship begins to fall apart. What’s a bunny to do?

Billie is a fantastic narrator, letting the reader in on her storied history which includes two divorces and a widowhood. But she is so much more than her romantic past– and so is everyone else she meets. Billie cares more about the person than the couple, more about the heart of who they are than who broke their heart. Billie wants to help people find their way back to themselves, to what brings them joy and grows them as a person. But even Billie is stumped when her daughter’s marriage crumbles. How do you help those who don’t want to be helped? The Heartbreak Bunny was not called by her daughter, but Billie IS the Heartbreak Bunny. And how in the world are you supposed to make your poet ex-husband stop texting you? Especially when he eschews all punctuation?!

Like all of Maddie Dawson’s titles, Snap Out of It is quirky, humorous, and has well-developed, relatable characters. Yet it also has heart and depth, making the reader think just as often as they laugh.

This particular cast is expansive, lovable and unforgettable. From the lost and wandering that Billie collects and lets stay in her row home to the Heartbreak Bunny clients, each character is well developed regardless of how little time they have on the page. From 90 year old Calvin with his ten year plan to Marisol, Louise, Mason, Joey, the TikTok girls! This cast is great fun, and shows how inviting people into your home invites them into your life and heart in the best ways.

There is so much to love about this novel. The relationship between Billie and her daughter, Louise, is relatable through all its ups and downs. The theme of found family is strong with the crew that Billie invites in, from her dearest and oldest friends to the heartbroken she tries to help. The heart of this novel is truly building a life you’re happy with, engaging in the activities you love with the people you love to spend time with. There is great beauty in ignoring conventionality and living your own authentic version of life.

Snap Out of It is available now. It can be purchased through here. Disclosure: I am an affiliate of I will earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you click through and make a purchase.

Thank you to author Maddie Dawson, NetGalley, and Lake Union Publishing for an advanced copy such that I could share my honest opinions.


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