Costco’s Italian Sausage and Pasta in Garlic Wine Sauce Review

Costco’s email marketing is on point, and I’ve fallen for it many a time. Yet, I’m rarely disappointed.

If you also receive Costco emails that send you into pangs of hunger just looking at the photos, you may have seen this promotion:

When I saw a new meal kit at Costco, I immediately wanted to try it. As a complete pasta fiend and a busy parent always looking for quick and healthy meal help, this pasta made it on my list. At my Costco warehouse, the pasta tray wasn’t in the usual places where I found the Yakisoba stir fry kit or the street tacos kit; instead, it was in its own special cooler near the cold room for milk and eggs. Just a heads up, it will of course vary depending on your warehouse’s layout.

Here are the details:

  • Name: Italian sausage and pasta in garlic wine sauce, item # 42323
  • Price: $4.79/lb. ours was 3.84 pounds, and with the current discount of $3 off per package, our total price before tax was $15.38
  • Directions: Remove clear plastic lid. Place foil pan the pasta comes in on baking sheet. Cover pan with foil (I tented to avoid melty cheese loss). Cook at 400 degrees F for 50-60 minutes

Y’all, this pasta kit was delicious! The sauce has wonderful flavor without being overpowering, the pasta is a great shape and size, the tomatoes and baby spinach make it a healthier option, and the overall flavor combination is *chef’s kiss*.

I think it’s a good value, because our family of four ate it (with multiple people going back for seconds), and we still have at least two servings left. Based on my family size and appetite levels, we’re getting eight servings out of it.

But kids, right? We are fortunate that our kids are great eaters. One kiddo has a loose tooth and has a preference for uncooked tomatoes, while the other isn’t big on spinach. So ultimately each kid ate different things in their servings, leaving either the spinach or tomatoes behind. But that’s still a win, and I think if the baby spinach was cut smaller, it would’ve been eaten more.

Time investment? Ack. I hate when easy meals have to cook for an hour, I’ll be honest. The cook time does make this a little less weeknight friendly, but we just rearranged our schedule a bit and did the things we’d usually do after dinner during the cook time. So it is something to consider when purchasing based on ease. Thankfully the bulk of the time is spent in the oven; all I had to do was cover the pan in foil and pop it in the oven. That’s a big bonus on nights when I feel like my brain is fried and I can’t make even one more decision.

Will I do anything differently next time? Yes. I think I’ll pull out the spinach, cut it smaller with kitchen shears, and mix it back in. Some leaves were just a bit big and, as crazy as this sounds, the fact that they look like leaves makes my kids less likely to eat them. They like lettuce in salads and cabbage in Yakisoba, but otherwise they’re timid to try wilty looking leaves in their food. As a recovering picky eater myself, I get that. I also think the general food texture would improve with smaller leaves.

Overall? This kit was a great value for my family, was easy to prepare, and was absolutely delicious. Bonus? It pairs well (in my clueless opinion based solely on what I know I like, please don’t come for me over wine recommendations) with the tropical moscato sold at Costco. Add in a salad and some rolls, and this would make an excellent Valentine’s dinner at home option.

Have you tried Costco’s new Italian pasta? What did you think?


2 thoughts on “Costco’s Italian Sausage and Pasta in Garlic Wine Sauce Review

  1. Way too salty and too much italian sausage. Could not finish my plate. Will not eat any more and will not buy again.


  2. This pkg can make 1/3 more. I add 1/3 lb more macaroni 10 oz more spinach and another dozen cherry tomatoes . Now feeds 6-8 instead of 4-6.. LOVE THIS MEAL!!!

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