Book Review: The Sweeney Sisters

What if one fact could turn your entire world upside down?

The Sweeney sisters, still reeling from their esteemed author-father’s death, find themselves in this very situation upon their discovery that there is a fourth sister out there. Well, half sister. But this family doesn’t do anything by halves.

With a big cast of characters, The Sweeney Sisters captures the struggles with grief among a myriad of personalities. Despite the larger cast, this novel’s characters are throughly developed. Each sister is a striking portrait of an individual, with their shared history apparent but not overwrought.

The Connecticut setting is gorgeously described, as are each of the more specific settings of homes, businesses, and offices. The author has a keen eye for describing each situation such that the reader feels like they are there with these quickly beloved characters. This book hits that sweet spot where everything is aptly described, enough so you can visualize it but not so much that it feels burdensome or heavy.

The plot delves deeply into family relationships, new and old, as the sisters learn more about themselves and each other while settling the estate. The way the sisters interact is realistic, and made me miss my own sister (who lives across the country) with an extra sharpness.

With a tender heart, plenty of laughs, and an engrossing story, The Sweeney Sisters is sure to capture your heart and mind and stay with you long after you turn the last page.

The Sweeney Sisters is written by Lian Dolan and will be available April 28, 2020.

Big thanks to LibraryThing for this advanced reader’s copy!


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