Dollywood’s Splash Country’s Trailhead Tacos Review

One of my favorite memes says, "If you could be thin forever or have as many tacos as you want, would you choose hard or soft tacos?"I love this because dang, hard or soft tacos is a tough choice.So when I learned Dollywood's Splash Country was adding a new restaurant, and that restaurant was a [...]

Dollywood Post- Toddlers at Splash Country

When you have older kids, a water park is the perfect way to spend a day- soaked in the sun, but with plenty of shade and lots of water to cool off in! But when you've also got toddlers, a water park can be intimidating to the point where you just don't go. With Dollywood's [...]

New Dollywood Posts!

I've been busy over at the Dollywood Insiders page! Here's what I've been working on:Have you been wanting to check out Dollywood, but fear you won't get a great value because you aren't a fan of roller coasters? Check out my Dollywood Insiders post A Day Without Rides to find out what Dollywood has to [...]

I Dream of Dollywood

This cold winter has me dreaming of warmer temperatures and the places that open with them. This Friday, March 16, Dollywood reopens for the season! This season of showstoppers is sure to delight, with festivals, musical performances, new food items, and revisiting all my old favorite rides. Here are the five things I'm most excited [...]

Dollywood Insiders and the Dollywood DreamMore Resort and Spa Review

Hey friends! I'm excited to announce I've been selected to be a Dollywood Insider. This means I'll be bringing you behind the scenes, giving tips and tricks, and writing here and over at the Dollywood Insiders page. I'll still be sharing my adventures here and on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.I'm honored to have been [...]