Dollywood’s Splash Country’s Trailhead Tacos Review

One of my favorite memes says, “If you could be thin forever or have as many tacos as you want, would you choose hard or soft tacos?”
I love this because dang, hard or soft tacos is a tough choice.
So when I learned Dollywood’s Splash Country was adding a new restaurant, and that restaurant was a taco place, I was basically already salivating. 
After a crazy busy summer and our first Splash Country visit getting rained out, I just had the opportunity to try this new taco place, named Trailhead Tacos.
Trailhead Tacos is conveniently located near the center of the waterpark, near the popular Mountain Waves pool. The menu is set up in an easy to understand way. Here’s the menu:

I love how incredibly customizable this is! As a picky eater (and insanely lucky mom of two non-picky eaters), customization is key. I also love that by choosing a bowl, those who don’t/can’t eat gluten can still find a delicious meal.

Another thing I love is the style of the meat. Having pulled pork and chicken as options provides a filling option, and I find them very kid (and adult picky eater) friendly.

The toppings! So many! I’m so grateful to the hosts for being accommodating to my oddities. When my husband wanted jalapeños and salsa on our shared nachos, and I knew the kids (ha, and me a little) would prefer without, I asked if they could just do it on half and they did! It was a great way for everyone to get what they want.

The salsa was very fresh, and not the chunky from a can kind. The tomatoes was crisp, not soggy, which is highly important for a texture-nut like myself. They didn’t even give me a weird look when I asked for both nacho cheese and shredded cheese. Clearly I’ve found some fellow #AllTheCheese people at Splash Country!

We went with nachos, since we were getting a snack to share amongst our family before we left the park. Our three year old fell asleep in the stroller on the walk to Trailhead Tacos (not a long walk, mind you, just a worn out toddler! He slept until the next morning. True story. Can we live at Splash Country? That would be fine. Just put a bed in the retreat, please.) My kids are not peckish eaters- they eat all the things, all the time. Heck, today for lunch they each had two servings of spaghetti. For LUNCH. They will eat an equal or greater amount at dinner and they’ve each had two snacks and a big breakfast. True story. Pray for me when they’re teenagers, because my grocery budget will be bananas.

Ahem, sorry I got sidetracked there. So we were down one napping kid, but my husband, 5 year old and myself were pretty hungry. The nachos were really filling, even split amongst the three of us. They were also delicious. We chose pulled pork, topped with black beans,  jalapeños, salsa, shredded cheese, and nacho cheese. The toppings were generously applied, and we used forks to finish off the toppings we’d run out of chips for.

We enjoyed our Trailhead Tacos experience and I like that there’s another delicious food option at Dollywood’s Splash Country. Although all their food is good, sometimes I want something not as hot (temperature wise) when I’m already warm from being out in the sun. Trailhead Tacos offers a refreshing menu with filling options for all palates.

Have you tried Trailhead Tacos yet? What did you think?


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