The Love/Hate List

Sorry for the recent radio silence, readers. Big things have been happening here. Big, life changing, crazy amount of details things.The time has come for us to adieu to our beloved Alaska. There are so many things about Alaska we love, and we've loved living here for the past three years. But now that we [...]


Hiking the Butte

We've been having what feels like unseasonably warm weather here in Alaska. It's late March, almost all of our snow has melted, and we've had abundant sunshine and high temperatures in the high 30s and low 40s for at least two weeks. I've been enjoying getting out and enjoying this warmer weather, with Baby A [...]

It All Began with a Mouse: The Great Mouse Detective

            Walt is famous for saying, “I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse.” It’s entirely appropriate, then, that my Disney project concludes with a film populated by mice. I’d never seen The Great Mouse Detective before, though it is one I would like to watch [...]

Dancing Llamas: The Emperor’s New Groove

         The first time I saw The Emperor’s New Groove was a bittersweet day: the last day of middle school. You may wonder why the last day of school—let alone the last day of middle school—would be bittersweet. One word sums it up: redistricting. Our school went from being comprised of mostly [...]

The Alaska Experience

In mid-August, we had our first visitors come to see us in Alaska. My in-laws traveled from Florida and we had 9 days of jam-packed Alaska adventures. This means that this post will be insanely long. I recommend fixing a snack and settling into your seat...because this will take awhile.Day 1: Settling in     Their [...]