Netflix ruined my life…again

UPDATE: I take it back. Netflix once again has my heart. See the post Pollyanna Goes Jurassic for details.

Dear Netflix,
 I would have written my angry letter privately, on your website, where only your customer service representatives would see it and find some way to resolve the situation and appease my anger. Unluckily for you, there isn’t a write-in ‘Contact Us’ form. Instead, you told me to call. I don’t like calling. I can’t fully express my frustration over the phone, because the person on the other end didn’t mess up my queue– you did. And, having worked in customer service, I can’t sound angry to someone who has no fault in my problem.

So here’s my problem. I’m doing this project and I need the movies in a very specific order. That’s why I spent a long period of time organizing the queue in that very specific order. Now, you keep rearranging it without myself or my husband going on to the website to change it. Now, instead of telling me The Emperor’s New Groove was going to take longer, you sent Alice in Wonderland and then told me. So I had to wait for Emperor’s, watch it, watch Alice– out of order, mind you, because Alice shouldn’t have been next. Then, when I made sure Dinosaur was at the top of the queue so it would ship out next, you moved it and Peter Pan to some random spot in the middle. Which I then had to fix–again. And, to add insult to injury, when my husband added three movies to the bottom of the queue–without moving them to the top spot– you moved them to the top spots. So instead of receiving Dinosaur, we got Lethal Weapon 4.

Imagine my shock and dismay, if you will, upon discovering that what was in the little red envelope– which once brought such joy– instead brought frustration, anger and a lot of confusion. Not only did you not send the right movie, but you sent the wrong wrong movie, too! James had added Lethal Weapon‘s 2-4, but wanted them in their chronological order. Yet you sent 4 before 2. Tsk, tsk. Someone needs to re-watch the Sesame Street episodes on counting, Netflix.

Of course, we had to send 4 back without watching it– it couldn’t be watched out of order. And then, last night, as I’m drifting into dreamland, James says, “Oh, Netflix e-mail. They’re sending Peter Pan.” And instead of dreams, I felt anger. Because now you’ve done it: Now I have to go to Blockbuster. To rent Dinosaur. Because Peter is still two movies away (Dinosaur, Fantasia 2000, Peter Pan). Curse you, Netflix. Curse you.

Not love anymore,
 A once-loyal customer who hadn’t set foot in a Blockbuster in 5 years since starting Netflix

P.S. You should be ashamed. I’m very disappointed in you.


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