Bump in the Night

As some of you may know, my husband works nights. This often results in me behaving like a 4 year old, now that it actually gets dark at night again. I avoid all things scary/suspenseful/non-Disney on nights I’m all alone. Last night was one of these nights, and I spent an embarrassingly long amount of time reading Jen Lancaster’s blog archives and laughing my tooshy off.

I finally forced myself to go to bed. In the middle of the night, I was woken up my some loud noise. I immediately thought it was Charlie and started whisper-yelling at him to shush it. Then I about jumped out of my skin, because it was THUNDER! IN ALASKA! That’s the first time I’d heard thunder since…sometime before February. It was strange and magical and kind of scary, because Alaska thunder is different than normal thunder. It’s low, rumbly and lasts for-freaking-ever. Also? You don’t actually see that lightning that accompanies it (boo on you, AK Thunder)

Of course, after hearing one of my favorite noises after so long I had to call J at work (at 3 a.m.) and tell him all about it. I had trouble falling back asleep, mainly due to my overactive imagination. We live on a ground floor apartment, and I don’t like to sleep with the windows open at night when J isn’t here to protect me from bears/moose/serial killers that could try to enter our apartment and harm me–or worse, my puppies. Apparently, I’d forgotten to close the window in the other bedroom (side note: we just got two new beds for free: one queen and one twin. The twin is super comfy and currently in our guest bedroom. The queen is significantly less comfortable and therefore I forgo it on nights J works. So I went into our bedroom to get my glasses so I could try and witness the lightning). I opened the mini-blinds to try to see lightning, and was confronted with an inky black darkness and an open window. In my imagination, there was someone/wild animal standing there waiting to kill/devour me. I then freaked myself out with my over active imagination and had to sleep with the bathroom light on. Yes, I already admitted I’ve regressed to a 4 year old. 

In my over-active-imaganitioned-excited state, I then had an incredibly weird dream about pit bulls (which Jen rescues and I agree should not be stereotyped and curse you, Michael Vick) and Jen Lancaster and it was overall just odd.

Thankfully J got home at 6 a.m. and all my fears were put to rest. Also? Closed that window. And moved back into our bigger bed, because clearly it was safer (kept the bathroom light on, though).

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