A Lot of Randomness

I’ve noticed my favorite bloggers often update their blog with just a tidbit that amused them, and it’s usually funny to more than just them. So in an effort to emulate those I admire, here goes:

If you happen to have precisely 3 cups of milk that will go bad in about an hour, what should you do? Hmm, how about break out that pudding mix you got solely because you found a coupon, and that coupon gave you a craving you forgot about as soon as you bought the box. 3 cups cold milk + jello instant pudding mix + 5 minutes = an 11 o’clock snack and not wasting milk. (And yes, I did have to rearrange my fridge to get the giant bowl inside, despite the lack of pudding in giant bowl. As it turns out, 3 cups of milk and a packet of powder don’t need a giant bowl, just a normal size one. Also, I’m now a bit afraid of opening the fridge door in case it wasn’t quite balanced. Wasting pudding is WAY worse than wasting milk.)

Preface: My hubby isn’t a bad guy; he had put his laundry directly into the washer because it was sopping wet. He wanted to run it so it wouldn’t get moldy. He was, in fact, trying to be responsible. Then I had to go and humorize it on my blog. He usually handles the trash and I handle the laundry, which seems fair. So this whole next section about laundry isn’t meant to make him seem lazy or horrible or anything, I just found it funny.
When your husband comments on the fact that HE put HIS dirty laundry in the washer and why hasn’t it been run yet, the proper wifely response isn’t to say, feel free to run a load, dear, and then attempt to get in the shower. Your shower will be much further delayed by his lack of knowledge of how the washer works, what fabric softener is, where it goes, how many clothes can fit in the washer, how much detergent to use and what settings to use. Then, after FINALLY getting to take your shower, and moving on with your day, you discover at 11 o’clock at night that he never took the wet clothes out of the washer. Apparently he thinks a laundry fairy comes and puts the clothes in the dryer and then folds them and puts them in his drawers. FYI, your life will be much easier by just saying you’ll take care of it. Because, in the end, you do take care of it but with way more grief. Marriage Lesson 614: “Give a man to fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime” doesn’t apply to laundry. Unless you continually force your hubby to practice his laundry skills, you will have to reteach him every time he decides to do it. Also, ever noticed how husbands can do laundry when you aren’t available but ask you questions every step of the way when you are? Odd. Good thing we love them.

On a side note, our crazy upstairs neighbor and her current boy toy got in a screaming match so fierce all 3 dogs became frightened and clamored around me for safety. Chaos is still ensuing upstairs. While I enjoy our so-far earthquake free existence in our earthquake-prone state, I feel a bit more prepared since our light fixtures regularly shake from her stomping during their screaming matches.

To end on a happy note:
July 29th my sister and brother in law celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary. Yay!
July 30th was my cousin’s birthday. Yay!
July 31st is my dear friend’s birthday. Yay!

So Happy Anniversary/Birthday/Birthday!


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