Hulu’s Veronica Mars Revival Review

Did you know I'm a total #MARShmallow?! If you're wondering where this is going, it's not a weird cult. Well, only a little. Marshmallows are fans of the hit and cult-classic show Veronica Mars. Originally airing back in 2004, the first there seasons captivated audiences. When the show was axed in 2007, after surviving one [...]

Veronica Mars Movie Review

Calling all Marshmallows! The Veronica Mars movie hit AMC theaters and the digital world yesterday, reuniting marshmallows with their favorite teen-turned-twenty-something sleuth.Cue the cliched "Reunited and it feels so good" music, please.In case you either missed the show when it was on UPN/CW, Netflix, or somehow haven't seen the movie trailers or heard about the [...]