The Baking Odyssey Goes Modern

A dear friend of mine was kind enough to share her recipe for Key Lime Cake Balls. She made them, I got addicted to them and then I just had to have them! I tried the recipe out to great success. Well, kind of. They tasted delicious and only half of them were not so [...]

The Baking Odyssey returns…and with pie!

Now that my kitchen is completely unpacked and OCD- organized, the Baking Odyssey can continue. I chose Lemon Meringue pie as the next dish. I've tried meringues before with cream pies and had little success. I'm happy to report my Lemon Meringue turned out terrifically! I love lemon zest and added a bit more than [...]

A Cupcake Update, Apple Dumplings

The cupcakes have been tackled. And I learned an important lesson.Last Tuesday, my friend Jill joined me in the Baking Odyssey. We only had to make one emergency grocery store run, and that happened (surprisingly) after the batter was made: we needed more cupcake liners. The batter went smoothly, we made Fudge Cupcakes, except the [...]