Living in Hope

The first holiday after losing a loved one is always difficult, whether that loved one is a family member, friend, or pet. We've always treasured our pets and thought of them as members of the family; they're an integral part of our daily lives, and our lives would be less without them. Back in March, [...]

Introducing Hocus and Pocus

Backstory: I grew up with a dog, two cats, and a verifiable zoo of other animals (birds, fish, a rabbit). But once I left for college and was no longer around the cats frequently, I developed an allergy. Flash forward 13 years, and my kid is cat-crazy. It would just make his life if he [...]

A Farewell for Nala

There is one fewer set of paw prints around our home this week. Our beloved twelve year old dog, Nala, was diagnosed with lymphoma and died last week. She was an incredible dog who loved us well and whom we dearly loved. She loved to cuddle, lay in the sunshine, bark at anything that dared [...]