30 Minute Shows You Can Stream

Is it just me, or does it seem like every new show is an hour long? There are plenty of binge worthy shows out there, but I don't always have an hour I'm willing to dedicate. So what's worth of watching, and where can it be found? I've compiled this handy list to help you [...]

Hulu’s Veronica Mars Revival Review

Did you know I'm a total #MARShmallow?! If you're wondering where this is going, it's not a weird cult. Well, only a little. Marshmallows are fans of the hit and cult-classic show Veronica Mars. Originally airing back in 2004, the first there seasons captivated audiences. When the show was axed in 2007, after surviving one [...]

The Mindy Project Review: Season 4, Episode 1

I LOVE The Mindy Project. All caps doesn't even do my love for it justice. I discovered it this summer while J was away on business and I was super pregnant, and I got sucked in. Then I re-watched them all with J after he got home, as he loved it. I'm a huge fan [...]