Weaning a toddler from breastfeeding

When I began breastfeeding my son as an infant, I didn't know how long I'd last. We received a lot of misinformation at the hospital; each nurse had something different to say, and it was often contradictory. It wasn't until we saw two lactation consultants that I felt I really had a grasp on how [...]

Life Goes On

After 26 hours of travel flight time and over 16 hours of driving, spread over two weeks, we've arrived in Tennessee. Okay, we arrived two weeks ago and I'm a bit of a failure for not updating. We're slowly settling into a new routine in a new place with most of our belongings still traveling. [...]

Bittersweet #1

My darling Baby A just turned the big one. His first birthday was a joyous day, marked with a special breakfast, fun party and lots of love and hugs from his adoring parents. As his momma, I inexplicably felt sad at the end of the day. Once the party was over, the house cleaned up [...]