Boundless Book Review

I didn’t always love short stories, mostly because I kept wanting more, and they kept ending. But I always want to spend more time with characters I love, and that knows no form. Novel, novella, or short story, great characters always make me want to spend more time in their world.

My love for short stories has really grown in the last few years, and it’s in part due to anthologies like this. Anthologies connected by theme, or interconnected by setting with character crossovers like Ancestor Approved.

Boundless, a new anthology with twenty incredible contributing authors, is edited by Ismée Williams and Rebecca Balcárcel. This young adult anthology highlights multicultural life and tackles themes of identity and belonging.

Each story is incredible, with thorough character development. Each story is engrossing, so much so that I couldn’t just continue straight through but I had to take a moment between stories to just appreciate how beautiful each one was. This is the kind of anthology you can really savor, enjoying it story by story, without feeling rushed.

Themes of identity and belonging are explored at a micro and macro level, allowing for diversity and individual experiences to flourish. These stories are so relatable. There is something universal about searching for where you belong, yet that same something is multiplied by multi-cultural and multi-racial experiences. As a bicultural person myself, I found something in each and every story to relate to, and felt seen in ways I didn’t expect. But even without being bicultural, I think I would have found just as many relatable moments.

This anthology includes stories from:

  • Adi Alsaid
  • Rebecca Balcárcel
  • Akemi Dawn Bowman
  • Anika Fajardo
  • Shannon Gibney
  • I.W. Gregorio
  • Veera Hiranandani
  • Nasugraq Rainey Hopson
  • Emiko Jean
  • Erin Entrada Kelly
  • Torrey Maldonado
  • Mélina Mangal
  • Goldy Moldavsky
  • Randy Ribay
  • Loriel Ryon
  • Tara Sim
  • Eric Smith
  • Jasmine Warga
  • Ismée Williams
  • Karen Yin

These stories are just wonderful. Individually, each story is engrossing, well written, and thought provoking. Together, they create a beautiful tapestry of connection, acceptance, and love.

Boundless will be available June 13, 2023.

Thank you to Inkyard Press, NetGalley, the contributors, and editors for an advanced e-copy such that I could share my honest opinions.

Pre-order from here! Disclosure: I am an affiliate of I will earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you click through and make a purchase.


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