Friday I’m in Love Book Review

Mahalia wanted a big Sweet 16 party like her friends, but it wasn’t in the budget. She knows it’s too late for a Sweet 16– but what if she threw herself an epic coming out party? A party to end all parties, a party that celebrates being young and queer and full of joy? She sets out to start saving, and planning, the best, most her bash.

But nothing is ever as easy in real life as it is in your head, and Mahalia quickly encounters road blocks, family issues, money issues, and the most distracting crush of all times.

Camryn Garrett’s Friday I’m in Love tackles real issues teens face while still showing how resilient these teens are and celebrating queer Black joy.

Mahalia is an interesting, well developed character. She’s realistically flawed, and it makes her even more lovable. Her spark and humor can’t be contained. Her family, love interest, and best friend are equally well developed. This fun read tackles big issues while keeping the tone light and the reader invested in Mahalia’s story.

Friday features many complex themes, such as family ties, friendship bonds, and navigating changing family landscapes. Financial disparities between friends and the strain it can cause on the relationship are addressed, encompassing all the awkwardness and frustration that accompanies it. Themes of self-love, celebrating your individuality, and finding joy in the everyday balance out the heavier themes.

Garrett captures the struggle of college and post high school decisions and the unnecessary weight and pressure put on high school students in a realistic way. SAT studying, practice tests, and the stress of viewing results with the pressure of scholarship needs is clearly conveyed.

Friday I’m in Love is available now. Thank you to NetGalley, the author, and Knopf books for an advanced e-ARC such that I could share my honest opinions.


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