Book Review: The Unforgettable Logan Foster

The Unforgettable Logan Foster is a fast-paced action story full of memorable characters that is sure to be a hit with reluctant readers and bookworms alike.

Logan Foster immediately pulls readers in with a great voice from an outright hilarious narrator. Logan Foster has lived in an orphanage for as long as he can remember, and he can remember a lot, having an eidetic memory. All he knows from his life before the orphanage is that he was found in an airport, wearing a World’s Best Big Brother shirt, with L. Foster on the tag. He’s spent his life searching for his younger sibling and shuffling back and forth between foster parents and the orphanage.

Logan is a relatable character and a great narrator, as he is telling the story via letter to his lost sibling. I especially appreciate how Logan’s lack of filter, quirky way of speaking, and high intellect are portrayed as assets instead of problems. It reminds me a bit of the Percy Jackson series, as differences with negative connotations are portrayed as superpowers and strong skills. Every character is as well developed as Logan, whether it’s his latest potential foster parents, the harried woman who manages the orphanage, or the cast of superheroes he finds out live not just in his comic books.

Logan is suspicious of his new foster parents, as they are most certainly hiding something. When a villain pops out of the screen at the movie theater and starts threatening them, Logan gets an idea of just what they may be hiding. But can this not-normal but not-superhero kid save the day when its the heroes who need help?

The fast-paced plot is sure to keep readers of all ages enthralled and engaged. It’s the kind of book you just don’t want to put down, with every chapter full of humor, exciting events, and laugh out loud dialogue. The first chapter includes an earthquake, lava, and a zip line, and the action builds from there. Don’t misunderstand– this book has heart and depth, and is much more than meets the eye.

It feels like a mash-up between The Incredibles and Meet the Robinsons, with strong found family vibes and loads of superhero action. Logan Foster stands on his own, and would make a wonderful movie or limited series in his own right.

This book is chock full of humorous moments that aren’t problematic. The humor isn’t at anyone’s expense, nor is it inappropriate. This book also serves as a great discussion opener with topics like foster care, sacrifice, and systems of power. Morality issues are displayed in such a way that the reader can see multiple angles and make up their own mind. It also demonstrates well that there is more to people’s lives than what can be seen– there’s a lot beneath the surface, that may not be visible but is there just the same.

I especially love how different adults speak with Logan and his friend. Some adults are dismissive of them, treating them as not mattering or being capable to make their own decisions because of their age. Others talk to them like equals, like they are their own fully formed selves deserving of basic respect and empathy. Nothing is ‘dumbed down’ either; instead, complex ideas are presented in a palatable way without losing their substance.

Logan is a lovable and relatable character, sure to help kids feel seen and understood in ways they’ve not experienced before. Though he’s highly intelligent, social situations are much harder for him. Making friends feels like a foreign language for him, and he often sparks ire when he’s just trying to share relevant information. I love how Logan doesn’t feel the urge to change himself to better fit the world, and instead continues on being himself.

My fifth and sixth grade classes are already psyched for this book’s release. I highly recommend it for all readers, whether they’re super hero fans, reluctant readers, or just idly scanning the shelves. This is a book every kid can enjoy.

The moment I finished this book, I wanted the next one. Here’s hoping Shawn Peters is hard at work on Logan Foster, book two. I need more of this kid in my life, and so will you.

The Unforgettable Logan Foster by Shawn Peters will be available January 4, 2022. Thank you to the author, Spark Point Studio, Harper Collins Children’s Books, and Net Galley for my advanced reader copy in order to share my honest thoughts.


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