Book Review: To Sir, With Love

Lauren Layne’s latest novel To Sir, With Love is a light and whimsical read that is absolutely delightful from start to finish.

Fairy tale fanatic Gracie Cooper might just be in love…except she’s never met the man. She’s talked to him, sure, but only through an app that prevents photos. She’s also trying to revive her struggling family business, a legacy she isn’t completely sure she wants. Sebastian Andrews has been trying to buy out her company’s lease, and she finds him both irrepressibly awful and also swoon-worthy; it’s very inconvenient.

What follows is an homage to Nora Ephron’s You’ve Got Mail and all the iterations before it: falling for someone through their words while struggling through the day to day of life.

The entire cast of characters is well developed and intriguing; it’s one of those books where you’re secretly hoping there are going to be spin-offs so you can spend more time with these incredibly likable characters. From Gracie’s siblings to her friends to her neighbor turned friend, all the characters are intriguing and well written.

Much like it’s inspiration, this novel is a love letter to New York City. From the beautiful flowers, delicious food, and wonderful places described, the setting is practically a character unto itself. Despite being set in the fall, it has perfect summer vibes and would make an excellent beach read.

If you’ve liked these authors, you’ll certainly enjoy To Sir, With Love as well: Sophie Kinsella, Jenny Colgan, Mary Kay Andrews, Jane Green. The combination of likable characters, a classic rom-com plot, and smooth writing make for a really wonderful read.

To Sir, With Love will be available June 29, 2021.

Thank you to NetGalley and Gallery Books for an advanced copy of this novel such that I could write this review.


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