Review: Dash and Lily

After watching just one episode of Dash and Lily on #Netflix in December, I lost all willpower and binged it. As soon as I learned it was based on a book, I knew I had to read it. Imagine my joyous reaction when I discovered there are not one, but three Dash and Lily books!

Despite not getting a copy from the library until weeks after Christmas, I dove right in to the first book. I’m so glad I did. Although the novel is set during Christmas, it reads well during these dreary January days. The focus is less on the holiday, and primarily on the characters. And what beautiful, intricately developed characters they are!

This zany cast completely captured my heart, and it was just the kind of endearing, pick me up novel I needed. While my world is brown and gray, cold but not cold enough for snow (which is rather indecent of Mother Nature, I must say), this gem of a book really transported me.

Though there are many differences between the show and the book, as there so often are, the heart of the characters is the same. Each individual is well crafted, with their own quirks and thoughts. 

Told in alternating viewpoints of Dash and Lily, the plot is just as engaging as the characters. And the voice! The voice of this novel is *chef’s kiss*. If you miss a chapter heading, there’s no doubt you’ll know who is speaking regardless. 

If the drudgery of January has you down, I can’t recommend this book enough. It was such a fun read, and I can’t wait to get my hands on books two and three. I can recommend the show just as highly, as the actors truly captured the spirit of these characters in the most wonderful way.


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