Books You’ll Enjoy Reading with Your Children

Y’all know how much I love books, and how one genre can’t satisfy my reading obsession. Last year, I read a book alongside my first grader. He read it at school with his class, and I read it at home. We talked about it, and it was such a magical experience. We read picture books and chapter books together frequently, but this book was a bit older, in the middle grade category. It inspired me to read more of a variety books together, from picture books up through middle grade.

This week, I’m sharing all of my favorite children’s books to read together over on the Knoxville Moms site. The book that inspired it all is on the list- Wishtree — and many more. It’s broken into genre, from Picture Books to Chapter Books to Middle Grade to YA. You can read it here.

What’s your favorite book to read with your kids?


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