The Real Hero of Frozen

Each time we sit down to watch Frozen, Frozen 2, or the Frozen shorts, my husband remarks on how amazing Elsa is (bada$$ is the word he chose, but I felt weird cursing in a post about Disney so). While I agree that Elsa is fierce and all around awesome, I don’t think she’s the real hero of Frozen.

Put down your pitchforks; my blood runs Disney so there won’t be any heresy here today.

If Elsa isn’t the hero of Frozen, who is?

Maybe someone who is brave without the safety net of magic.

Someone who always puts what’s best for others first.

Someone who does the next right thing, even if it means sacrificing what’s most important to them.

Someone responsible and courageous.

Someone full of wisdom and capable of seeing multiple perspectives.

Someone who is just as independent as Elsa, but also sees the value in working together with a team.

The real hero of Frozen is…

Ah, I’m just kidding! I love Sven and if I could have any Disney sidekick I’d choose him, but he isn’t the true hero of Frozen.

The true hero is:

Anna! Of course it’s Anna. She’s brave and true and takes the same risks as Elsa without the fallback of ice magic to save her. She prioritizes what’s best for the everyone, even if it means giving up something she loves. She fights for what is important to her, working through Elsa’s trauma alongside her without ever giving up on her.

She’s faithful, loyal, strong, and a wonderful leader.

If you want to argue, I’ll just leave you with Anna’s own words. A true hero can recognize their own worth, too:

Excuse me, I climbed the North Mountain, survived a frozen heart and saved you from my ex-boyfriend. So, you know, I’m coming.

Frozen and Frozen II are available to stream on Disney+.


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