The Prime Perk You Might Be Missing Out On: Amazon First Reads

Last year, I learned of the Amazon Prime First Reads program. After that, I decided I absolutely had to have a Prime membership. While I love the two day shipping and Prime Video has its perks, the First Reads program is still my favorite part of Prime.

What’s First Reads?

First Reads is a Prime benefit that gives one free Kindle book a month. Each month, Amazon sends an email with the list of eligible titles. The genres and authors vary, and often go to Kindle Unlimited after their First Reads run (this is handy when you want to read more than one of the options!). Typically, it’s an advanced copy of the book. Reading a book that isn’t officially ‘out’ yet is so fun.

The Prime Perk You Might Be Missing Out On: Amazon First Reads

How to sign up?

You can find all the official information here. If you’re already a Prime member, you just select your title.

The Prime Perk You Might Be Missing Out On: Amazon First Reads

E-mail Sign Up

Want to get the monthly reminder email that lists all the great books you can choose from? It’s under the Kindle Email Subscriptions section on Amazon.

The Prime Perk You Might Be Missing Out On: Amazon First Reads

I’ve been utilizing the Prime First Reads program for 10 months and loving it. There has only been one month when there wasn’t a title I wanted. More often, I discover new titles I want to read. I’ll often add the title I don’t choose to my Goodreads Want to Read list, and check my library in the months following its release to see if it pops up. It’s also worth checking if its available in Kindle Unlimited (although I enjoyed my free trial of Kindle Unlimited, my local library stocks most of the ebooks I want to read and so the monthly fee simply isn’t worth it to me. There were too many books I wanted to read that my library has and KU didn’t.). I’ve also seen that Prime offers free reading, but I haven’t figured out how to do that on my Kindle yet.

Don’t Have Prime?

Don’t worry; you aren’t completely excluded from this fun program because you don’t have a Prime membership! You can still get these reads at a great price- typically $1.99.

Do you utilize Amazon’s First Reads program?

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