Let Them See You

Let them see you.

Let them see you be you.

Whether you’re creating something for the joy of it (even if you aren’t good at it! Especially if you aren’t good at it!) or delighting in a book, let them see you.

We spend so much of our lives living under our titles: daughter, wife, friend, colleague. Mom. Even beloved titles are titles. 

So let them see you outside of your mom role. Let them see your striving, your relaxing, your joy, your delight. Let them see you chasing your dreams, treasuring something you cherish, going through the hard parts of life. Let them see all of who you are, not just your motherly instincts.

Don’t just live your personal life in the hours between their bedtime and yours. Let them see you being you, so they know they never have to suppress any part of themselves.

Let them see you.

let them see you 2


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