How Far I’ll Go…Or Not

I always planned on giving my kids roots. One place they could recall in their memories as home, where they could return when they were grown and feel as safe and welcome as they do now. I wanted the house we currently live in to be the setting for all their favorite memories, not somewhere they drove by, decades down the road, and recalled climbing a tree that is no longer there.

Then I stumbled upon a job opportunity, a rare and unique position that shone as a dreamy goal of mine.

A place where I’d get to use my writing skills to further a worthy cause I believe in, to be part of a great nonprofit working with an animal I’ve been obsessed with my entire life: dolphins. I’d get to work with dolphins and use that degree I’m still paying off. I applied, thinking if it was meant to be, it would be.

My latest post for the Knoxville Moms is up, and it’s all about how a job offer challenged my perspective, and how Moana helped me through it. You can read the full post here.

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