DIY Upcycled Potting Bench

I just hate throwing things away. I also have a tendency to rescue sad looking furniture from the side of the road and fix it up. When I saw this pitiful table, I knew I could turn it into a potting station for our porch. We’ve really gotten into gardening in the last two years, and as a result have acquired tools, pots, gloves, and all sorts of accessories that needed organizing and a home.

DIY Upcycled Potting Bench

First I sanded and cleaned the table thoroughly. Then I painted it. Since it will be protected on our porch, I just used an interior wall paint I had on hand. Plus, you know, the whole quarantine social distancing thing makes it hard to find new paint colors. I thought this spring green I used on the laundry room walls would be just the thing. After the paint dried, I sealed it with a polycrylic to protect against moisture. Then the fun began: organizing!

I love organizing. I sorted all the gardening gear into three categories, and used these handy stacking bins from the Dollar Tree to keep things separated. These bins are great because they’re dry erase friendly, so I was able to label them with what’s in them. Then I stacked all of our pots together in two rows in size order. I put our seedling tray and watering can on top for easy access. A few days later, I added two little hooks for our gardening tools to hang from.

DIY Upcycled Potting Bench

I love upcycling furniture because it’s both cost conscious and eco friendly. I saved this small table from the land fill, and was able to organize all of our gardening detritus by only spending a few dollars on bins.

Do you like upcylcing furniture?



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