Book Review: The Secret, Book, and Scone Society

The Secret, Book, and Scone Society may be a tongue twister of a title, but it sure is a fun mystery to read! When one suspicious death draws four loners together, they find they have more in common than their connection to the deceased. As they open up to the idea of friendship, they launch their own investigation. 

The Secret, Book, and Scone Society Book Review

Author Ellery Adams really makes this town come alive. The detailed descriptions of the town, its inhabitants, and their homes are succinct, yet I could perfectly picture each location. This fictional town is so darling, I wish it were real! (Except for the murders, of course).

Protagonist Nora is a burn survivor with a past she’s been working hard to escape. I wouldn’t mind escaping into her train depot turned bookstore myself. Hester is the baker with the magic scones, June has insight and wisdom, and Estella is a townie with extensive knowledge of the townspeople and a reputation to match. I love how the characters are flawed, yet healing. They are likable on the surface, and even more so when we discover what they’ve had to overcome.

The plot is well paced, and the book quotes and references are expansive and well placed. Many scenes are part love letter to books, but it’s not incongruent with the plot. When book lovers find one another, the biblio-passion is a natural part of the conversation.

I quite enjoyed this novel, and I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series.


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