Frozen 2: Bluray Release Review

I’m an old school Disney nerd, and so I wanted the disc of Frozen II. I even waited two entire extra weeks to get it. But then…where to get it from? Disney Movie Club, Target, Walmart, they all have their own exclusive. So which one is the best one?


Disney Movie Club requires a membership (which I have), and gives a special lithograph. But the lithograph is not a super cool scene I care a lot about, and I’d have to wait a few extra days for it to ship. So it’s out of the running.

Walmart is offering an exclusive bonus feature…that’ll eventually probably be on Disney+ right? The 4K option is $32.

Target is offering an exclusive book, full of gorgeous photos and behind the scenes information. Plus I save 5% on every purchase, and I’d rather have a book now with the disc, so I’m most tempted by this one despite its $35 price tag.

My Choice

I’m out of patience and a book nerd, so Target was the best choice for me. They even have a display right in the front so I didn’t have to trek all the way back to electronics.

Target Exclusive

Despite the fact that I don’t have a 4K blurry player, I still bought the combo that includes 4K, Bluray, and a digital copy. We have a 4K Roku and TV so I should be able to stream the 4K (theoretically). Plus it has the book. The whole bundle is gorgeous.


The exterior cover and disc case cover:


The inside opens beautifully:

The book cover:


Inside the book

This was the main reason I wanted this exclusive edition. I’m a book nerd and I love looking at all these unique perspectives. The artwork is gorgeous, and the behind the scenes look at each featured element and character is spectacular.

Frozen 2 Blu-ray Disc Review

Disc Special Features

One of my favorite parts of buying a movie I love is finding out more about how it was made by watching the special features. This section will cover all the bonus features on the Special Features Section of the disc. My copy also includes a sing along version of the film under the play menu! Another fun bonus is the full length previews for upcoming Disney films. This disc includes a longer preview for Onward and Mulan.

Outtakes This behind the scenes peek is actually more fun for adults than kids. We get to see the actors as they try out their lines and character’s emotions.

Did you know??? This is full of fun facts about the making of the movie and its inspirations. (All the flora is regionally accurate for Norway. True story.) It’s full of information that’s presented in an entertaining way for all ages.

The Spirits of Frozen 2 This featurette is much more like those of other Disney discs you may have explored. This features the film’s lead producers giving insight into their choices and how and why they did what they did. There’s also a wealth of mythology from Norway that guided the production team.

Scoring a Sequel  This behind the scenes look showcases Christophe Beck as he explains his scoring technique. If you’re super into music, this will absolutely delight you! And if, like me, you’re a bit ignorant about all things music but still enjoy it, then this feature will be informative and beautiful.

Deleted Scenes  With animated movies, deleted scenes are a bit less enchanting than live action films. The initial story concept is less visually appealing than a finished animated product, but watching the story progression is enlightening and fascinating.

Deleted Songs  Much like deleted scenes, deleted songs don’t have the finished quality that the full performance in the finished product will have. But it is still valuable to see their journey and where the story took them, and I love that we get to see it. Also, if they could fully animate Home and release it as a short that would be spectacular. The I Want to Get This Right song has excellent banter between Anna and Kristoff, and I would also like them to fully animate this. K, thanks Disney.

Gale Tests  I love this kind of technical stuff. This is a test sequence they did of how too ave an invisible character and just see their effect on other objects and characters. It’s such a delight to watch and my kids also loved it (but from a story side while I geeked out over the tech side).

Into the Unknown in 29 languages  Isn’t it amazing how this story is relatable in so many different cultures? It’s just another reminder that people are not so different after all. This is a gorgeous reminder of that.

Music Videos  Options include the popular covers of Into the Unknown and Lost in the Woods by Panic! at the Disco and Weezer.

Song Selection I don’t know about you, but my four year old wants to listen to the music constantly and has since we first saw this in theaters in November. This feature will be handy when he just wants to watch Into the Unknown and Lost in the Woods on repeat.


Regardless of which store you buy it from, Frozen II is sure to bring joy to you and your family. What aspect are you most excited for?




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