Disney+ Originals to Watch ASAP

Surprising no one, I’ve been diving deep into Disney+ and the incredible content available. From classic animation to new live action movies and TV shows, there is just so much to explore. So how do you decide what to watch in this golden age of streaming? Lucky you, I’ve done the work so you don’t have to! Here are some of my favorite Disney+ original TV shows you don’t want to miss.

While I love so much about different streaming platforms and the original content they’re producing, finding something to watch in the 30 minutes or less I have has become increasingly difficult. Disney+ saw this void and filled it.

  • Diary of a Future President: This show might get its own post. I’m obsessed. While I recommend it for upper elementary school through middle school age-wise, it’s also great from a grown-up perspective as well. From the drama of who gets their period to the petition to change the school mascot, the plot points range from funny to poignant but all handled with grace and care. I love how adult relationships are portrayed as complicated but understandable, as well as how the adults can be funny but also still trustworthy. No stereotypes or tropes here, which is super refreshing for a show with a target audience younger than twenty. So many kids shows depict parents as out of touch, incompetent creatures whose only true purpose is food delivery. Not this one. This show is such fun to watch, and not just because Elena reminds me of my twelve year old self. New episodes air each Friday and I find myself looking forward to watching them each week! It’s definitely binge-worthy if you’re looking to catch up. Bonus- each episode is less than thirty minutes, so you can easily fit one in before your brain crashes for the day.Disney+ Originals to Watch ASAP
  • High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: When I first saw the promos for this show, I thought it was meant to be a reality show and I was legit worried for the high school kids overdramatizing their lives to sell shows. Silly me- don’t I know Disney is classier than that? This show is a fun romp that is reminiscent of my high school theater days, if our budget had a few extra zeros on it. But high school kids can be seriously talented, and that talent can be easily overlooked. I love how this show tackles teen issues like being authentic online, how parental separation can impact you, and what it means to be a true friend. It is fun and carefree at times, has some seriously incredible music, and is just a fun show to watch with some positive messaging hidden in there too.
  • One Day at Disney shorts provide a glimpse into some interesting and unique jobs at Disney, like the underwater engineer who maintains rides like Nemo and Jungle Cruise. I do not envy his dark dives in Jungle Cruise, but the rest of the job sounds seriously cool. These shorts are the perfect length and I love the Disney factor.
  • Spark Shorts, Short Circuit– While most of the Short Circuit shorts are family friendly, a few are a bit intense for younger viewers. If it’s a Spark Short from Pixar, I’m assuming my 4 and 7 year old are not mature enough to watch it (Kitbull made me ugly cry and I’m not ready for my kid’s to know what dog fighting is). But they’re incredibly well done and interesting, with magnificent stories. Both shorts programs are proof that animation is not just for kids.Disney+ Originals to Watch ASAP

While I’ve heard great things about The Mandalorian, we haven’t watched it yet because we were behind in the Star Wars Universe and didn’t want to risk any spoilers.

What Am I Watching Next?

While I’ve delighted in watching Noelle at least three times, I haven’t gotten the chance to watch a lot of the new original movies. I’ve been going full force nostalgia and watching the beloved DCOMs of my youth (Smart House, Zenon, Motocrossed, A Ring of Endless Light) and other childhood faves like The Lizzie McGuire Movie and High School Musical. But I have a few movies on Disney+ I can’t wait to watch.

  • Togo– I have a feeling this one will make me miss Alaska intensely, so I’m waiting until around the Iditarod so I can fully immerse myself in missing it.Disney+ Originals to Watch ASAP
  • Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made– this looks like a heart tugging laugh riot, but my husband wants to watch it too so I have to wait. Disney+ Originals to Watch ASAP
  • Frozen II- I’m betting this won’t hit Disney+ until late April or May, but you can bet I’ll be at Target super early on February 25 to buy the blu-ray because I’m a super nerd and want a hard copy.
  • Pete’s Dragon– I never got to see the 2016 remake and it’s been on my Disney+ watchlist for quite a bit now.

You can read the full review for the Disney+ original movies I’ve watched here:


Lady and the Tramp


What are your favorite Disney+ Originals?


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